Dolpa 27: Part 3

Harunyan with Soyogi-san and Cnvl-san’s daughters (^ ^)

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Dolpa 27: Part 1

Although this is my second time going to Dolpa, it’s actually my first time bringing my daughters with me to the event. But more importantly, Mr.MVP and Pfrank came to Japan! during this time ^^ and it was the first dolpa we participate together.  The event would not have been this fun and interesting if it wasn’t for all the warm welcome of all the Japanese doll owners we met at the event especially Suzuhico-san who was very kind to allow us to place our dolls on his table. Thanks to them, we gained a really memorable experience and we had a really good time at every minute of it.

These are the pictures I took at dolpa. By the way, I had decided to split this report more than one part to save the picture loading time. Must also apologize in advance that I couldn’t take every daughter’s picture as there’s just so many.

The famous Azure-san’s Rina, many of you probably have seen many of his amazing pictures on flickr ^^.

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Name Card Picture

This is Ame’s picture that I drew for the name card (*^^). I want to draw her in a Chibi-way to fit in the card so I drew her like Nendoroid. Her cloth is a little different from the other picture as I am still trying to finalize her original dress.

This picture took quite some time because I was having problem with scanning and trying to find a way to fill in the color on the computer – -‘. I normally draw on SAI but since my com’s HD crashed causing all my files and window to be lost, I just draw on paper then color via Photoshop and the result was quite satisfied ( ̄▽ ̄)